Photobiomodulation (Low Level laser Therapy) Now Front and Center in the Opoid Crisis
Photobiomodulation (Low Level laser Therapy)

Brockton Animal Hospital has been a leader in the use of Photobiomodulation, also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, in the Boston area for nearly fifteen years. Although the initial use was as a drug free treatment for arthritis and other orthopedic injuries, treatment has expanded to include chronic kidney and liver disease, neurologic and spinal cord disease, disc herniation, delayed fracture repair, wound healing, eye disorders, etc. etc. We have worked with veterinarians locally as well as consulting with physicians and veterinarians around the world on treatment protocols, research projects and feasibility studies for a variety of conditions. Every year we voluntarily present an “Educational Outreach” course on Photobiomodulation at several veterinary college venues throughout the US, most recently at Colorado State and University of California Davis. These courses are very well attended as veterinary students are anxious to gain as much insight as possible into treatments that are highly effective, non invasive and have no risk of side effects.

With opioid addiction and deaths reaching historic levels, Photobiomodulation has entered the public discussion. Recently, several colleagues have spoken before the United Nations, a US senate subcommittee, and most recently to a group of advisors at the White House.  Since Light Therapy offers a non invasive, non addictive, non chemical approach to the management of chronic pain, it has significantly gained momentum in the realm of medical treatments. At the Brockton Animal Hospital we have nearly replaced pain medications by using Low Level Laser Therapy.  It appears as if the time has come in the human medical world to take a lesson from Veterinary Medicine.  We will continue to keep you  updated on this most important medical and social issue.

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