Response to Comment on our Facebook Page

Rene, thanks so much for your very kind comments about Dr. Huffenus and the Brockton Animal Hospital.  There are three things that make the extreme efforts of the entire staff at the Brockton Animal Hospital worthwhile.  The first is the  returned wellness of your companion whose health you have entrusted to us.  The second is the smiles that we see day after day when clients such as yourself are rewarded with a healthy pet in their arms or at the end of the leash.  The final reward, or the dessert as I like to call it, is an acknowledgment from a client such as yourself that they have recognized the special something we have created here over the past many years.  It certainly requires continued effort on our parts but equally important is the input we receive from clients when they are satisfied with their experience as well as when they find a visit here lacking. (fortunately much less frequent). It is our intent to ALWAYS do the best possible job we can do for you and your pet companion.

To that end the doctors here continually discuss nearly each and every case with each other in order to ensure that no stone has been left unturned and all of the care and concern your pet is entitled to  is provided.  As I like to tell every new staff member : “All egos get checked at the door”.  No one is always right and every patient is unique even if the disease processes appear similar.  And of course the final piece to every medical puzzle is you, the client.  As in the case of your little guy, Jack, the input and the exact symptoms you were able to provide gave us some very valuable information we needed to sort his condition out.

We consider this “collaborative medicine” model, one in which multiple doctors, technicians and clients are involved to be the most effective means of providing quality medical care.  I am thrilled that you were able to witness it in action in receiving care for your pet.  Thanks again for the comments and your trust.