Many conditions that we see in our pets also affect humans. The “One Health Initiative” http://www.onehealthinitiative.com/mission.php is a movement which links veterinarians and physicians in the study of the connection between human diseases, animal diseases and the environment. It is an extraordinary undertaking to see what we can learn from our pets in understanding the… Continue reading

We had to say goodbye to a very dear friend this past week. Our ten year old Irish Setter, Red, decided it was time to move on to his next spiritual journey after a three month fight with T-cell lymphoma. It was sad, to say the least, but as the days have passed the positive… Continue reading

It seems that periodically we endure a particular difficult period at the Brockton Animal Hospital. It may be because of the demise of several older pets that we have cared for many years. Or it can occur upon the passing of a long term client. But the most common cause of “clinic sadness” is when… Continue reading

Usually when we receive notes from our clients it is usually to thank us for the care over the years and to acknowledge our staff for their empathy when it is time for their pet to move on to the next place.  Always we, as pet owners, find it difficult to say good bye to a friend… Continue reading