Ferocious Flea Facts from your Brockton Vets

The flea’s time of year is here.  As the heat of the summer is well entrenched and as the occasional thunderstorms keep things just moist enough, flea season is officially upon us.  Now is the time to take control before fleas become established in your house as well as in your pet population, whether just a single cat or a household full of dogs..  Following are some of the most important facts regarding fleas and their life cycle when approaching a flea control program for your home.

1. Fleas lay eggs in pet’s fur and the eggs drop off into the carpets, onto the furniture or outside into the grass.

2 .Wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons can all transport fleas and their eggs.

3. Eggs can hatch in 2 or 3 weeks or can remain dormant for several months and hatch later.

4. After fleas hatch, females can lay eggs within the first 24 hours of life and can produce 40 or 50 eggs every single day of life.

5. Fleas prefer attacking pets for purpose of breeding and greatly prefer feeding on dogs and cats over people.

6. Most cats DO NOT scratch when fleas are present on them.

From the above it is obvious that a good flea prevention program includes treating all your pets as well as routine vacuuming of your house.  Always completely read ALL labels on topicals, sprays and powders to make sure the products you are using are safe.  We see many pets annually (mostly cats) that suffer serious illness from treatment with an inappropriate flea product.  If you have any questions regarding flea control or products, feel free to contact our office.