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As pet owners it seems that sooner or later we find a lump on our pet that just doesn’t belong.  If you are like I am or for that matter like most people attached to their pets we always assume the worst.  As irrational as this approach may be it is part of human nature. … Continue reading

As we wrap up this discussion of pet health insurance note that this project has been a real eye opener.  Our intent was to research alternatives to pet owner’s having to cover major, unexpected costly events without assistance.  The quality of companion animal care has made huge strides forward over the past few years. The… Continue reading

In this next installment regarding pet health insurance we take a look at PetPlan USA.  The USA label is critical as PetPlan which has been available in other parts of the world for over thirty years is now available in the US.  Though not yet having had any personal contact with the insurer, all indications… Continue reading

Although in the pet health insurance business only since since 2007, Purina appears to have made inroads into the industry.  A quick online check (not having had any clients at this time with their coverage) I was encouraged to see mostly positive reviews. Comparing closely with Trupanion, Purinacare offers an 80% unscheduled coverage with optional… Continue reading

A more recent player on the Pet Health Insurance stage with a bit of a novel approach is trupanion pet medical insurance.  Although more recently founded than VPI,  trupanion has been in existence for several years and has recently added to their “core” plan to provide optional coverage for Complementary Medical Procedures such as acupuncture… Continue reading

One of the original pet health insurance companies and still in existence is VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance).  They have learned many lessons in their thirty plus years of existence some of which can benefit the pet owner and many which have lead to some complexities in the medical plans available to the consumer.  The flexibility… Continue reading

In the previous post we looked at the importance of health insurance for dogs and cats as the sophistication of veterinary care has escalated dramatically. Fortunately medical insurance for pets has also become more diverse with options that can best suit the needs of the policyholder. This often depends on the species and breed of… Continue reading

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Over the past several years the medical care that can be provided to your dog or cat has become extremely sophisticated.  Diagnostic ultrasound, MRI’s, CT Scans, Radioactive thyroid treatments have all become commonplace. For your pet, a most important family member, this is great news.  However as we all are aware technology and exemplary care… Continue reading

All too often cat families think that their pets do not need to see the veterinarian regularly if they don’t go out.  Though your cat may not be exposed to as many contagious diseases as a feline who regularly spends time outdoors, there are a variety of other common diseases that can be very threatening… Continue reading

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) initiated a program earlier this year to establish unique veterinary hospitals across the US as Cat Friendly.  This program was created in direct response to an in depth national survey which revealed that our feline friends are significantly under served by the veterinary community.  Although cats out number… Continue reading