Pets from Thailand and Vietnam After being away for two and a half weeks (my longest vacation since being in practice) it was good to get back. While away my wife Sandy and I are, of course, always drawn to the pets that we see in different cultures. The images on our Facebook Page were… Continue reading

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When it comes to the world of laser therapy and pet laser therapy clearly the future has arrived. After attending the WALT conference in Washington DC two weeks ago I can’t believe how much the technology has leaped ahead since the previous conference in 2012 in Australia. We are fortunate to be living in the… Continue reading

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The Spiraling Cost of Veterinary Care…Pat II I have been working on this post for some time but haven’t quite finished it yet.  My apologies for those of you that may have been waiting. I am giving a presentation at the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT) in Washington DC this week and have been… Continue reading

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You may see a new face at the Brockton Animal Hospital the next time you visit.  Dr. Lorenza Malaguti has joined the professional staff this week in the capacity of medical and surgical practitioner.  We are very fortunate to have Dr. Malaguti join us as an associate allowing us to more easily schedule appointments, perform surgical and… Continue reading

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It looks as if winter has finally lost it’s grip here in New England. Of course I am sure we will still see some chilly days and rainy mornings before the warm and sunny weather really sets in. After a very long, cold and snowy winter in most of the US it is difficult to… Continue reading

As Fairy Dog Parents (FDP) celebrate their fifth birthday in 2014 we at the Brockton Animal Hospital couldn’t be more pleased to be a partner in providing care for their designated pets in need. From a fourteen year old Shar Pei with tumors to an eight year old German Shepherd with pyometra (a serious uterine… Continue reading

Anyone who is reading this post obviously spends time on the Internet. If you are like me the internet has become the “go to” source for beginning to gain information on nearly any topic that arises. I often hear doctors complain about clients searching online for diagnoses as well as treatments for themselves and their… Continue reading

Rarely does a day go by at the Brockton Animal Hospital that this question doesn’t get asked. The reports of bite wounds, fearsome attacks and serious injury are frequently attributed to a breed that is commonly known as the Pit Bull. Often however, this breed is blamed even when there is no evidence. While the… Continue reading

Euthanasia…….at some point in every pet owner’s life we have to make this choice for one of our very best friends. None of us ever want to think about it but it is a reality of pet companions. Although the act is one that puts an end to the discomfort with which our cat or… Continue reading

Managing the carbon footprint (or energy usage) of a facility that houses unwell patients 24/7 is in itself a daunting task. That is until you begin to break down all the areas of energy consumption into a few categories each having their own inefficiencies. Lighting, HVAC (heating and air conditioning systems), Conservation (both climate and… Continue reading